How Being Convicted of a Felony Can Drastically Change Your Life

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Any criminal charge can have adverse effects on your personal life. From costly fines to time spent away incarcerated — no one wants to face these types of consequences. And for those convicted of a felony, those repercussions are only some of the consequences that could drastically change their life.

Fines & Incarceration

As previously mentioned, most convicted felons will face, at minimum, fines and potential incarceration. However, not all convicted felons will be punished with prison time. Depending on the severity of the felony, a judge may instead sentence a felon to time in a local jail or even probation.

Additionally, fines can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. While a few hundred dollars may not have a significant long-term financial impact on an individual, those who have to pay thousands of dollars in fines could face other consequences such as bankruptcy if they are unable to pay back their fines.


Many standard applications ask potential employees if they have any felony convictions. Even if this is not on the application, depending on how far along someone gets in the interview process, an individual may be told that there will be a background check performed (in which a felony conviction would most likely be found). Depending on the type of work an individual is applying for, a felony conviction could prevent them from being hired.


Voting rights are usually taken away if someone is convicted of a felony. This law is changing in many states, though, including Tennessee. The Volunteer State now has legislation that states felons might be able to restore their voting rights if they complete their sentence and pay back all court fees and fines. However, felons convicted of certain crimes may not be allowed to have their voting rights restored.

Gun Ownership

Felons are generally not allowed to own or possess a gun in Tennessee. If a felon that is prohibited from possessing a gun is found with a gun on their person, they will face additional charges and consequences.

Avoiding Felony Charges

Just because an individual is charged with a felony doesn’t mean they will be convicted of a felony. When you work with Puryear, Newman & Morton, PLLC, we will do everything in our power to get you the best outcome possible. Let our team take on your legal case so you can get back to living your life. Contact us online or by phone — (615) 933-2366.

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