When Is It Time for Divorce?: A Guide to Making the Decision

Man and woman considering about divorce

Staying with the status quo may be comforting for some couples. Married individuals who are frustrated with the status of their relationship, though, have many options when it comes to determining what to do next. Below are options to consider if a couple or individual is considering divorce.

Signs That a Marriage Could Be Over

One may assume constant arguing is the most significant factor in breaking up a marriage. While this can be monumental to the demise of a marriage, the opposite of fighting is also true. If a couple does not argue or disagree, it indicates that both parties are not interested in the other’s opinion and are not being respectful of each other.

Being unhappy is also a clear indication that there is a problem in the marriage. It’s to be expected that a couple will not always be happy, but consistent unhappiness indicates a larger issue that should be addressed.

Similarly, hostility with a partner’s friends or family members can be detrimental to a marriage, especially if everyone used to get along well with one another. One party may be telling their friends and family negative or false information about their partner which can create tension between everyone. It’s essential for individuals facing this situation to address these issues if they are hoping to continue the relationship with their partner.

Divorce Process in Tennessee

If a couple decides that marriage should end, the typical process will include:

  • Filing the initial complaint;
  • Participating in mediation or other meetings;
  • Determining child support and custody arrangements;
  • Determining which property is separate or marital;
  • Dividing marital assets; and,
  • Going to court or mediation to finalize the divorce.

Puryear, Newman & Morton, PLLC is Here For You

Whether you decide to start the divorce process or want to explore your potential options, the family law attorneys at Puryear, Newman & Morton, PLLC are here for you. Our team will help you determine what’s best for you and your family. Reach our compassionate lawyers online or by phone. (615) 933-2366

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