Tennessee Divorce Statistics

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Divorce is one of the most difficult things a family can go through. It can be an emotionally charged and complicated process, made even more so if children are involved. In Tennessee, the number of couples divorcing has increased but has recently been on a downward trend.

According to the website worldpopulationreview.com, Tennessee is above the national average for divorce rates per 1,000 people but is not listed in the top 10 states with the highest divorce rates. Maine is listed with the highest divorce rate at 13.3%, while New Jersey is said to have the lowest divorce rate at 8.6%. Tennessee is listed with a divorce rate of 12.2%. Alabama, Arizona, Missouri, and Wyoming also have a 12.2% divorce rate.

Why Couples Divorce

There are many reasons why couples in Tennessee may choose to divorce. Some of the most common reasons include infidelity, financial problems, and incompatible personalities.

If a spouse has been unfaithful, it can be difficult to trust them again and move forward with the relationship. However, some couples can overcome this obstacle and rebuild their marriage.

Financial Problems
Couples may have a joint account or separate accounts to manage their finances. Either way, if there is no common ground regarding this subject, it can prove to put a strain on the marriage.

Incompatible Personalities
As people grow older, they often change and develop in different ways. This can lead to couples growing apart and feeling like they no longer have anything in common. If this is the case, divorce may be the best option for both parties.

Considering Divorce in Tennessee?

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