Should I Divorce During Summer Break?

Mother and son packing up items from their house

Summertime is a time of joy and excitement for children, with long days playing outdoors, trips to the pool, and vacations planned. But the reality is that if one parent is considering divorce, this can be a difficult adjustment period for kids.

The Franklin and Nashville family law attorneys at Puryear, Newman & Morton, PLLC share what parents should consider before splitting up during summer break.

Summer Break Split

Divorcing during the summertime can be beneficial for everyone involved. Summertime provides a natural transition period as children are already occupied with activities such as camps, sports, and swimming. Parents can take the time they need to adjust in private while their children continue their summer routines, providing a healthy distraction from the reality of the situation.

Summer also provides more flexibility for families regarding scheduling and planning, allowing them to arrange visitation plans around their children’s summer activities. This time of the year also lets parents spend more time with their children individually and transition into a new living situation without disrupting the academic year. Additionally, with longer days and warmer weather, summer can provide an uplifting atmosphere for parents and children, helping ease the transition into a new family dynamic.

Considering Divorcing During the Summer?

While divorce is never easy, the summertime provides unique benefits that allow families to make changes while preserving familial bonds. The flexibility for scheduling and planning children’s summer activities can make both parents feel confident that they’re putting their children’s bests interests first during a divorce.

No matter what time of year parents decide to divorce, it is important to seek guidance from a family law attorney who can help navigate the process and ensure everyone’s rights are respected. With the right support, parents can ensure their children are taken care of and transition into life with two households healthily for all involved. ‚Äč

If you’re considering divorcing during the summer, contact Puryear, Newman & Morton, PLLC right away. Every divorce proceeding is different, so you want to ensure you’re taking the proper steps now to accomplish a summer divorce. Contact our experienced family law attorneys online or by phone so we can help. (615) 933-2366

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